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SunnyShop is an offline store which has been providing sales and services in the electronics field since several years. It is founded in the year 2001 and has been operating as an offline store since then, until 2020 when we decided to go online( as part of business expansion to reach out to more costumers and serve them. After one year of intensive planning and development we've entered the online market with support from all of our previous offline costumers who always ensures their trust and reliability on us to give them the best products and services economically. Our store as complete electronics products with almost all brands that a costumer needs from hardware, software, peripherals, audio and video, mobile telephony, games, tools, and many more electrical appliances for all kinds of needs with services & repairs provided.


Our company aims to provide all electronic goods and services that every costumer needs with less  price by decreasing the operational and margin cost. We aim to deliver the best products and services in less time as possible.

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